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  • Tiffany Wright, Ph.D, The Skinny coach clears up confusion about some whole grains and what some of those products do to your blood sugar when they’re turned into flour. Is whole grain or quinoa pasta better for you? Find out how the body reacts to these healthy grains after their ground into flour and ingested […]
  • This is one of the most deeply powerful and life-changing podcasts I’ve ever recorded. It’s a MUST LISTEN for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or any serious medical condition. You may not yet realize this, but you’ve been rigorously hypnotized by the pharmaceutical industry to believe in “diseases” that […]
  • Will artificial meat ever replace REAL meat from animals? Although there is a legitimate animal welfare argument to artificial meat, it’s doubtful such genetically modified laboratory concoctions will ever replace real meat from cattle and other animals. Here’s why… Read my of my work at:
  • In this podcast, I cover what I believe to be the five most dangerous dietary supplements. Fortunately, most dietary supplements are highly beneficial, and nutritional therapies are very powerful for preventing and even reversing disease for many people. But there are some dietary supplements that deserve a harsh warning: they may endanger your health rather […]
  • Episode 181, Common Health Questions
  • We are now streaming live on Soundcloud so you can hear today’s show on YOUR schedule! We are discussing how to break the chain of family trauma. We will be talking to Matthew Noah, the founder of The EMTT Group?, as well as speaking to our favorite lady, Dr. Debbi Z. Hensling?!
  • Through the power of unconstitutional executive orders, Obama has just granted doctors the power to place you on the FBI’s “no buy” list for firearms merely for having the opinion that you’re “mentally ill.” Yep, there’s no scientific test, no hard evidence and no chance to defend yourself… doctors can now simply DECIDE that you’re […]
  • Part one of the Food Investigations series by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. This introduction explains some of the many toxins found in the food supply and how Adams decided to build a forensic food laboratory to discover the truth about what we’re all being sold by the food giants. Hear more at
  • After hearing this audio, you’ll never drink black tea again. That’s because black tea is just burned green tea, and during this burning, all the health protecting antioxidants are destroyed. What’s left behind in black tea is cancer-causing chemicals that have a unique flavour and taste but can compromise your health. Listen and learn why […]
  • The dreaded Zika virus may have already infected the emergency blood supply in the United States, warn health authorities. And we now have confirmation that Zika can be sexually transmitted (it just happened in Dallas and was confirmed by the CDC). This means Zika is now a much larger potential risk than what we’ve envisioned […]